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Special Guests

Rachel Daniels

Rachel Daniels is an IFBB Pro Women’s Physique Top 7 Olympian, CEO of Iron Heroine, LLC clothing & apparel, as well as an online trainer, nutrition, and posing coach with both Mr. & Ms. Olympia as her posing clients.

Rachel earned her IFBB Pro Card at NPC National Jr. USA’s show in Charleston, SC in August 2020.  A week later, she made her IFBB Pro Debut at the IFBB Pro League’s New York Pro show held in her home town of Tampa, FL. Rachel placed 1st overall in the Women’s Physique Division at the NY Pro, securing her 2020 Olympia qualification, making her the only woman in IFBB history to win her IFBB Pro Card and win her first Pro show one week later. Rachel competed in the December 2020 Olympia placing 7th in the world in the Women’s Physique Division at her second Pro Show.

Career Highlights

  • 2020:  NY PRO 1st PLACE
  • 2020: IFBB OLYMPIA 7th PLACE
  • 2022: IFBB ST. LOUIS PRO 1st PLACE

Mike Sommerfeld

Mike Sommerfeld is a renowned German bodybuilder who has significantly impacted the bodybuilding industry. He competes in the Men’s Classic Physique against the best bodybuilders in the world, like Chris BumsteadRamon DinoUrs Kalecinski, and Breon Ansley

In 2014, Sommerfeld participated in the Arnold Classic Europe amateur and impressed the audience with his impeccable physique, finishing in third place. This competition was a stepping stone for Sommerfeld, who continued to train and refine his skills, honing his physique to perfection.

In 2019, Sommerfeld took the next big step in his career by competing in the IFBB pro league. He made his debut at the Romania Pro, where he participated in the Men’s bodybuilding category up to 212lbs. Despite being a newcomer in the pro league, Sommerfeld made a strong impression and finished in 13th place.

Some of Sommerfeld’s Pro highlights consist of 

  • 1st PLACE 

Jarek Crew

Jarek Crew is a IFBB PRO In Classic Physique.  Jarek earned his Pro Card at the 2018 NPC UNIVERSE and has competed at the Chicago Pro and Arnold Classic.  Jarek is one the the industry’s great artistic posers.  He Guessed posed at the 2022 NPC MID-AMERICAN WINTER CLASSIC and we welcome him back the  2024 Edition as well.

You can find Jarek at his Instagram page @Jarek_Crew

Jarek on Instagram

Victoria Grove

I started my journey in the world of dance when I was just 9 years old, joining a competitive dance team. At 14, I discovered my passion for fitness and working out. Being homeschooled gave me the flexibility to hit the gym in the mornings, attend dance classes at night, and sometimes even squeeze in another gym session after class Dance and working out became central to my life. When I was 16, I took a big step and moved to California. There, I signed with an agent and began my career as a professional dancer. It was an incredible experience that allowed me to grow both personally and professionally. Then, at 19, I made my way to New York to continue my dance training.

Throughout my travels, I developed a fascination with bodybuilding. I decided to dive deeper into this world and hired my first bodybuilding coach. This journey took me to different places, but eventually, I returned to Florida after the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2021, at the age of 21, I decided to take on the competitive bodybuilding scene. I competed in both fitness and bikini categories and achieved the overall title in fitness. After a year’s break, I made a return in 2023 and earned my pro card in in the Fitness division. This achievement represents a significant milestone in my ongoing adventure through the realms of dance and fitness.

Victoria on Instagram

Melissa Brodsky

Cassandra Pennington 

Hi Everyone! My name is Cassandra Pennington and I am an IFBB Wellness Pro & bodybuilding/lifestyle/posing coach!

While bodybuilding takes up a huge part of my life, I also enjoy spending time with my amazing boyfriend and our three puppies, baking and traveling! 

I began my bodybuilding journey at the Southern California Championship in June 2021. It was this show where I won the overall win in the wellness division. My second show was NPC Universe 2022, where I was blessed with earning my IFBB Pro Card. Fast-forward to 2023 I competed in two IFBB pro shows, Southern California Pro (2ndplace) & Atlanta Pro (3rd place). While my bodybuilding journey has had a relatively fast upward trajectory, I have been lifting as long as I can remember and was a Division 1 athlete at the University of Memphis! 

Aside from the athleticism that is involved in bodybuilding, my absolute favorite part about this sport is the confidence that it builds! This sport shows you what you’re truly made of; It teaches you that when you set your mind to something, ANYTHING is possible. 

So keep dreaming; Keep setting huge goals and set your daily intentions that will inch you closer to your goals each day! You can do hard things!

Cassandra on Instagram

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